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Any Questions...?


Q. Can you issue me with a council Parking Permit for council controlled Parking?


A. Sorry no. We manufacture permit systems for issuing bodies but do not issue permits ourselves. Please contact the relevant issuing body.


Q. Do you issue "Blue Badge" permits for disabled parking?


A. No. We are nothing to do with the Blue Badge Scheme. Please see visit where you will find further details.


Q. Can I really return my Permits if I'm not satisfied?


A. Yes. We offer a 30 day moneyback guarantee. If, for whatever reason, you are not satisfied with your product, just return it to us unused and we will refund your money.


Q. How long do permits take to produce?


A. It really depends upon the complexity of your order. Self print permits are generally available next day. Printed permit lead times range from 7 to 21 working days. We will always quote you a lead time when you  order and keep you informed as to the progression of your order.


Q. Will permits fade?


A. Not for some time. We have had trial permits on vehicles for over 5 years without noticeable fading but  we would recommend that permits are changed at least every two years for security reasons.


Q. How strong is the adhesive you use on permits?


A. We use carefully selected products that will ensure that permits or permit holders do not come off windscreens easily. However, by lifting a corner and pulling firmly, the permits will peel off without difficulty. You may need to clean the windscreen after you have removed a permit with standard window cleaner. If you are particularly concerned about adhesive use then we would recommend self Cling Vinyl permits or Hanger style permits which don't rely on adhesives at all.


Q. Do I have to have my permits numbered?


A. No, not if you don’t want to, just specify that you require permits with no numbers.


Q.Can a space be left on the Permits for me to write in registration numbers,or any other information?


A. Yes. Please give us a call or send an email and we’ll call you back to discuss your exact requirements.


Q. Can I have a zone name printed on my Permits?


A. Yes, just let us have your requirements at time of ordering.


Q. Can I pick the numbers you put on my Permits?


A. Yes. As a matter of course we use a combination of three letters and 4 numbers selected at random but unique to you. If you want specific numbering then please ask and we will normally be able to accommodate your request.


Q. Can I have my permits foil blocked?


A. Yes, we can foil block your logo in gold or silver on Budget, Tear-Out or Hanger Style permits. If you are concerned about permits being copied, foil blocking will tend to copy black, even if a quality colour copier is used. Foil blocked permits are harder to replicate. If you select the foil blocking option simply upload your logo at our upload centre.


Q. Do you sell warning signs and stickers to put on violating vehicles?


A. Yes but these products are not yet available online. Please call 01733 371216 or email us to discuss your requirements.


Q. What about artwork?


A. We will do all the necessary artwork for you included in any price that we give you. Should you require your logo on your permits we do ask that you supply this to us in a high resolution format. jpeg, tif, eps, pdf or Illustrator file are best for us. If your logo is not in this format don’t worry, send what you have and our designers will try and work form that. On rare occasions that we cannot work from supplied files we may ask you to put us in touch with your design agency or printer.





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